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Written by Xonox Galatorg   
Thursday, 25 October 2012 14:46

I'm running a couple days late on this, but the Halloween event has started.  The Halloween event is called "Shadow of the Mad King".  In the first Guild Wars, the Mad King would come each year on Halloween every 3 hours and "kill" people on Halloween.  In the process you would get all sorts of goodies, but the Mad King hasn't been seen for the last 250 years.  Something tells me he'll be returning this year.

They have the event broken up into 4 phases.  The first is already started and has been going on for a couple days now.  The next phases will open up on the 26th, 28th, and 31st.  Each phase will likely open up a little bit more.  The first phase opened up the initial fun items and events.  Here is what is currently available for Halloween:


  • Mobs will sometimes drop trick-or-treat bags.
  • You will find Raw Candy Corn gathering nodes out in the field.  To get the Raw Candy Corn you need to use any level of mining pick.  There are Rich Raw Candy Corn nodes out there and the rare item that you sometimes get are trick-or-treat bags.
  • Doors randomly appear out in the field.  It seems to be mostly in grassy areas of Kryta, areas between Lion's Arch and Divinity's Reach.  You walk up to them and trick or treat at them.  What you get is random; it'll be a trick-or-treat bag, a single weak mob, a Veteran mob(that causes an event), or many mobs(also causes an event).  These are currently the only kills that count towards the Halloween Huntin' achievement.
  • 3 Halloween achievements are available to obtain right now.  Halloween Huntin', which I just mentioned, is obtained through killing Halloween mobs(150 for max).  The only place that you can currently kill them is at the doors that appear out in the field.  An achievement for opening trick or treat bags(100 for max).  The bags contain various Halloween goodies, you can see what you might be able to get here.  There is also achievement points and a title track available for pumpkin carving(150 for max).  If you look you will now find "Carving Pumpkin"s all over the place, there are many in Lion's Arch.  You just need to walk up to them and carve them.  Once you've carve 150, you talk to a guy in Lion's Arch Central Plaza and he'll give you the title to use.  For further info, I suggest checking out this guide.
  • Scavenger Hunt, ff you go to Lion's Arch, you will be able to start things out.  In the central plaza, there is someone named Master Tossi.  He'll give you (in a mail) a trick-or-treat bag and a scanner to scan ghosts.  The scanner is powered by using a candy corn on it.  You then use scan to make a ghost appear (if you are in the right place).  Once you get all 6 pages of a book, you go back to him, give them to him, and he'll mail you Volume 1 of the Mad King's story.  Hold onto this, it will likely play into things as things open up, and you will get something awesome in the end.  Here is a guide that will help you out if you would like it.
  • Black Lion Chests drop some new better items forever as well as some Halloween skins or minipets until November 5th.  There are some new items out there that will allow you to use your bank or black lion trader out in the field PERMANENTLY.  Very rare, but very awesome.  They are like the ones you commonly get in the chests, but with unlimited uses.
That should cover most the limited time stuff for Halloween, but there is also a bunch of new stuff that has been added to the game.  There are all sorts of new Halloween items that can be crafted, you can see what items are available to craft via profession here, but there are also things that can be made in the mystic forge.  Making one of the Halloween weapons is a bit like crafting a mystic weapon though.  The items require Halloween items to craft though, so price will go up on anything useful.  There is now a costume brawl achievement track, likely to be worked on anytime you can fight other people in costumes.  There are 4 new exploration puzzles that have been added to the game; jump puzzles have been moved to a new category in achievements.  A new Bosses section has been added to achievements for the large or hard bosses available in the field.

Stay tuned for more updates as things unfold...

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