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Written by Xonox Galatorg   
Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:59

A couple others and myself have been working on things to get the guild going.  Things keep getting better and better all the time.  Currently, we have a 50 slot Guild Stash that we've started putting items in to level with.  We've also upgraded to politics level 1 and got our guild emblem.  I've made an emblem for now, but it will likely be changed a bit down the line.  This is the graphic on the right-hand side in the header.

Right now we are working towards purchasing a guild armorer.  We almost have enough to buy the politics level 2 upgrade, which is 1,000 influence.  We are 3/4 of the way there.  We will also need another 500 points of influence to buy the actual guild armorer upgrade.  After that I am thinking we will work on upgrading the levels in the Economy branch.  I'd like to get up to level 5 so we can buy general 24 hour and 3 day buffs that can be applied.  Upgrading to Level 3 costs 5,000 influence and then it's 500 influence to buy either of the upgrades.  We will probably schedule them for the weekend.  You will have to represent the guild (in the "G" screen) to get bonuses and access things like the bank.  This also helps us build up influence as you do things in the game.

We can also buy a workshop upgrade which will let us build 2 upgrades at a time, but right now we haven't been using any of the buffs.  This is mostly because we need more influence to upgrade the levels in the various tiers.  I buy influence when I can, but to get to level 3 in any tier it takes 5,000 points from level 2 and another 10,000 to get to level 4.  Level 5 takes another 20,000 points.  We need level 4 and 5 to get the other guild banks which are 100 slots each.  We could do more WvW down the line so we may upgrade that section a few levels also.  Speak up and we'll work towards that.

I've gotten more work done on the website.  I've made a few posts on the forums and started work on the graphics.  Everything will be getting updated over time.  Please make suggestions on the forums.  I plan to add some video channels that include videos telling you how to do things like puzzles, vistas, and dungeons.  When we get enough people from the guild working together we can make our own videos if you like.  One thing in the graphics that may BEE odd is the bee :)  Our guild tag is [TEAM], with the bee, we are the bee team, hehe.  Also, bees swarm their enemies to eliminate them.  I figured it was fun.  I've put some links in the left menu that will link to some good Guild Wars 2 references.  Anyways, stay tuned for more updates on the site.


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